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Lingerie Made From Coffee grounds

Fabric from Singtex Industries uses waste coffee grounds. A single cup of coffee can yield two shirts or multiple bras! The fabrics are now being used for a new line of clothing features eco-friendly lingerie. Advertisements

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Ketchup Macarons Recipe!

It has been said that Americans put ketchup on everything… but on cookies? no…and certainly not on Macarons… but Chef Pierre Herme’s took the challenge to make a cookie with ketchup. David Lebovitz converts the recipe from metrics and recreates … Continue reading

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“Smart” egg cartons

Looking for a digital device that will let you know when you need to buy more farm fresh eggs?  – wherever you are Smart egg carton notifies you upon low egg inventory and has an LED indication of the oldest … Continue reading

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Beyond Organic: art exhibition using hydroponics

The work and art of Vikki Michalios is about environmental systems inspired by ecological events, contemporary media coverage of them, or legends related to them.   The garden installation, “Beyond Organic,” is intended to ignite inquiry about modern use of natural resources … Continue reading

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bread beds & cozy fillings

bread beds let you snuggle up like a bun in the oven. These plush bread sleeping bags and pillows allow you to fulfill your fantasy of being a dollop of jam between two slices of bread. The sets come with … Continue reading

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Rent a chicken?

In this society we are used to rental services & leasing cars so why not rent a chicken? “A Pennsylvania service will let you try before you buy — all accessories included. Rent The Chicken will deliver two laying hens, a … Continue reading

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The best people love to eat!

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