local food & animals

Photojojo! • Using food from his refrigerator and animals (that...

“Artist Emmanuel Pierrot is resourceful. He uses food from his fridge, purchased at the local market, and animals and insects from his garden. Sometimes his neighbors lend him their pets. One day recently, a bee flew in his window, and he immediately set about trying to incorporate the insect into his work.”

Photojojo! • Using food from his refrigerator and animals (that….

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wearable ceramic baked goods

TADAM: wearable ceramic baked goods.

More food-inspired jewelry. This time donuts on necklaces.
Where is the broccoli quiche? or the vegetable moussaka?

Tadam donut jewerly

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Cross section of vegetables

Richard Haughton – Food – Le Cinq.

These cross sections of fruits and vegetables are each beautiful on their own and Richard Haughton has created a lovely composition with them.

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Illustrations of comfort foods

Illustrator Monica Ramos creates imaginative illustrations of swarms of people interacting with various comfort foods. I love the mac & cheese.

Monica Ramos | Illustration

hmmm.. no broccoli in any of these drawings. heck no vegetables.
are their any vegetables in comfort foods?

via Monica Ramos | Illustration.

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Fruit and Vegetable MRIs

Amazing Animations of Fruit and Vegetable MRIs | Colossal.

Andy Ellison MRI corn scans

Andy Ellison works at the BU medical school in Boston on a research-only MRI scanner. Here he shares some fantastic animated gifs of his calibration and quality control scans using assorted fruits, vegetables and other plants.  Visit his website at http://insideinsides.blogspot.com/

Andy Ellison MRI scan Brocoli

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Portable watermelon cooler

Looking for a cool way to transport your watermelon to the picnic safely from the market? Enter the watermelon stroller, I mean the portable watermelon cooler. A steal at $230. Imported from Japan.  How come no one has invited a ice cream stroller?

portable watermelon cooler

via Portable watermelon cooler | TechCrunch.

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Local food art


B.Wurtz recent works at Metro Pictures shows his love of local yogurt! Lancaster county Seven stars yogurt and NY state Hawthorne valley Yogurt tops are part of his sculptures. From the gallery “for more than 40 years Wurtz has collected and repurposed common objects…to create his understated yet insightful found-object sculptures. A 1973 drawing titled three important things which states ” sleeping, eating and keeping warm” set the parameters for the materials Wurtz would go on to use.”


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